Bundle de Baño y Despojo - 21 Dulces & 21 Plantas Amargas by El Nigeriano


Our ancestors knew the power of plants. This ancient formula unites 21 mystical herbs used in wellbeing rituals for generations - cleansing negative forces and empowering your aura to manifest all your goals.

Our wink-worthy top seller - out-healing yet ever-simple rituals so dear to your ancestors. This ancestral mix of 21 plants harnesses powers using air's cradle - never needing refrigeration before or after opening, yet ever-potent.

Your skin and senses ingest subtle botanical gifts, passed down to uplift and set your intentions free and there's 2 ways to use the product: As a bath wash and/or as a Floor Wash

As a bath wash:

The 21 bitter plants: After you finish with your normal night shower routine divide 1/3 of the product in 1 gallon of water per day. Let the product air dry in the body so that way the plants absorb all the negative energy and cleanses your aura. It's highly recommended to use at night cause when your energy gets deeply cleaned you may get sleepy. 

The 21 Sweet Elements: After using the 21 bitter plants at night, use this one in the morning before starting your day. Do the same procedure of the 21 bitter plant. Its recommended to use in the morning so that way the sun rays potentialize the manifestation powers behind the elements

If you want to strain the products, you can do it or you can feel the plants and the elements in your body. That decision would be up to you. We recommend doing a monthly full body energy cleanse.

As a floor wash:

The 21 bitter plants: Use half of the product in the mopping bucket. Clean the house from inside-out. While your cleaning the house think in all the negative stuff that has been occuring and visualize all those problems clear out while your mopping. When you finish cleaning the house, throw away the water outside the house

The 21 Sweet Elements: Use half of the product in the mopping bucket. Clean the house from outside to the inside. While mopping think and visualize all the positive things you want to manifest and attract. While passing the mop, declare all the positive and beside saying ''I wish'' say: ''I'll obtain'' and then say what you want to obtain. When you finish mopping the house, pour the water in front of the house

If you want to strain the product before adding it to the mopping bucket, you can do it or if you want to have the plants and the elements in the floor. That decision would be up to you. As a floor wash we recommend doing it 2 times a month, in the beginning of the month and the last day of that month

BONUS Cleaning Tip

  • It's very important to clean the mirrors. The mirrors are mystical portals where most people when they do black magic, tent to send spirits and demons through mirrors. When cleaning the mirrors its very important to check if ain't broken, cracked or damaged. If any mirror in your house has those characteristics you need to get rid of that mirror ASAP. If its a closet mirror, without seeing your reflection in it, put a white cloth that covers the mirror with a splash of holy water
  • To clean a healthy mirror that its in perfect state: With a damp cloth of the 21 bitter plants, clean in circular motions the mirror and say this words: ''May the power of the plants strip away all evil, all envy, all bad thoughts, all bad reflections that are wishing me and close every negative portal directed towards me.''
  • And to finish cleaning the air, grab the 21 sweet elements, pour it in a little spray bottle and spray the air with it. When you push the pump say out loud your wishes and your goals (Example: *pump* Money, *pump* Love, *pump* Good luck) There's no limit how many pumps but you need to make it room by room and you can say different wishes in every room.

This is a sacred self-care treatment to shift your energy. Embrace your inheritance and bloom