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Tropical Getaway Handmade Soap (3.88oz)


This soap contains Goat Milk oil and essence based on vegetable glycerin that is very moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, giving you the feeling of being in the Tropics with a refreshing aroma. It is recommended for oily, dry and sensitive skin. Due to its nutrients, it is an excellent treatment against acne, minor burns and aging. Daily use of this soap on the entire body and face will prevent and reduce wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.

BENEFIT: This soap contains Coconut oil that has antiseptic properties, including being antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, in addition to stimulating the elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

USE: External use only. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

INGREDIENTS: GOAT MILK GLYCERINE, Coconut oil and essence, skin-safe colorant and vitamin E.