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Holistic Zephirine Renewing Soap by El Nigeriano 5.2oz


Discover the luminous glow of youthful skin with Zephirine Soap. Infused with the nacreous finely ground 🌊sea pearls🦪, this luxurious formula smooths and illuminates. Pearl powder🦪  has the intention to polish away dullness while delivering a precious blend of rejuvenating minerals to the skin.

Nourishment is drawn from the core of rice kernels. Rice protein🍚 has the intention to deeply hydrate for a supple, toned complexion. Rice milk🥛 has the intention to bath the skin in antioxidant protection to neutralize aging free radicals.

The heaven-sent softness of silk is recreated through rich pure collagen, lending a featherlight feel while visibly firming skin and without leaving behind the floral essences. A medley of floral essences like calming chamomile, refreshing neroli, and romantic rose gently infuse the skin with their soothing aromas while bestowing antioxidant protection, promoting an even skin tone.

This important elements are blend with our 7 oil recipe that has the intention to moisture and nourish the skin:

🌴 ** Coconut Oil **: Moisturizes and combats acne with its rich fatty acids.

🌻 ** Sunflower Oil **: Nourishes and protects with Vitamin E and fatty acids.

🥑 ** Avocado Oil **: Soothes and regenerates dry or irritated skin with antioxidants and vitamins.

🌿 **Olive Oil**: Maintains elasticity and combats premature aging with squalene and oleic acid.

🍇**Grapeseed Oil ** This versatile oil provides lightweight moisture, antioxidant protection, and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it an excellent choice for overall skin health.

🌱 ** Soybean Oil **: Balances fat production and reduces inflammation with Omega-6.

🌰 **Omega-6**: Strengthens the skin barrier, ensuring a smooth and radiant complexion.

🌟 **Vitamin E**: Protects your skin from environmental damage while promoting overall skin health.

Experience the height of skin pampering luxury with our sublime 5.5 oz (the soap weight may vary due to its artisanal cut)  hand-sculpted Zephirine Soap. This masterpiece of soapcraft awakens the senses while bestowing restorative vitality.

Meticulously formulated with precious ingredients like lustrous powdered pearls, antioxidant-rich rice extracts, and feather-light collagen impart their beautifying essences into the skin. Time-honored cold process techniques allow each botanical’s full potential to be captured within every bar.

Nestled within fine paper bearing the marks of sustainable forestry and eco-conscious production, Zephirine represents our unwavering commitment to ecological stewardship. Each batch is made in a traditional way that imbues each bar with an artisanal soul.

Let Zephirine transport you into a holistic haven of wellbeing for both skin and planet. Immerse in its elevating aromas and silken lather as you are enveloped in luxury from head to toe.

This are the following certification that the packaging has:

🌿 **Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) Certification**: This certification certifies that the paper used for packaging is compostable, which means that it can naturally break down into organic matter without causing harm to the environment. By choosing CMA certified packaging, we reduce the load of non-recyclable waste in landfills, promoting a healthier planet.

🌲 **Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certification**: SFI certification means that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. It guarantees that for every tree felled another is planted, promoting forest sustainability. By using SFI certified paper, we support the conservation of forests, wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

🍃 **Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certification**: SQF Level 2 Certification reflects our unwavering commitment to food safety and quality. While it primarily applies to food packaging, it extends to personal care products like our soap, ensuring that every aspect of our production meets rigorous safety and quality standards.

The importance of these certifications is multifaceted:

  1. **Environmental Responsibility**: CMA, SFI, and compostable packaging reduce the environmental footprint of our soap, mitigating waste and conserving valuable resources. This aligns with our mission to reduce our impact on the planet.
  1. **Forest Conservation**: SFI certification underscores our dedication to preserving forests, which play a critical role in mitigating climate change and provide essential habitats for diverse wildlife.
  1. **Food Safety**: SQF Level 2 certification assures consumers that our soap production maintains the highest safety and quality standards, even for non-food products, reflecting our commitment to your well-being.
  1. **Future Sustainability**: By choosing ecological packaging, we contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet and future generations, emphasizing our responsibility to care for the environment.

In a society that is increasingly aware of its environmental impact, choosing to use CMA, SFI and SQF Level 2 certified packaging for our soap signifies a commitment not only to quality and safety but also to the planet. It’s a small but powerful step towards building a more sustainable and eco-conscious world. When you choose our Ecological soap, you are not only choosing a personal care product; you are choosing a sustainable, responsible and ecologically conscious way of life.

Indulge your skin in opulent rejuvenation as this ambrosial soap envelops you in silken lather, immersing the complexion in pearl essence for a pampered luminosity, velvety plant collagens to restore plump firmness, antioxidant rice extracts to defend against aging, and nourishing rice milk to revive the timeless glow of youthful radiance. Has the intention that in each use awakens a sublime sensory experience, transporting you into a realm of skin-smoothing delight and inner joy as your complexation is elevated to new heights of beauty and vitality.