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History of Puerto Rico Brewery

Cervecera de Puerto Rico was founded by the Valdés Cobián brothers in 1937.

The next year the company launched its first product, India Beer, followed by Malta India, which was launched a year later. In 1941, additional beverages such as Orange Crush and Old Colony were added to the company's portfolio. In 1980, the company added a new option to its line of beers, Medalla Light, the first light beer produced in Puerto Rico.

Since 2007, the company has invested millions in advanced technologies that have increased the quality and elaboration of its products, becoming one of the best companies in the Americas and the Caribbean, which makes Puerto Rico proud. In 2010, Silver Key beer was added to the company's product portfolio, followed by Magna, the first premium beer manufactured on the island. In 2018, in response to the ever-changing market, Cervecera de Puerto Rico launched its craft brand, Del Oeste. The brand's overall market strategy is to offer seasonal products for those who follow this category.

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Puerto Rico Brewery

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