5 Christmas Gifts for the Diaspora

By Natalie Perez  •   2 minute read

5 Regalitos de Navidad para La Diáspora

Those far from our beloved Puerto Rico often look for ways to keep their culture, traditions, and connection to their Puerto Rican roots alive, especially during the holiday season. Here we present five gifts to keep the Puerto Rican essence alive. Available on the Hecho en Puerto Rico platform:

#1 Christmas Basket with Instruments: This basket combines the tradition of Puerto Rican music with local delicacies, making this a perfect gift for those who miss Christmas on the island.​.


#2 Boricua Wooden Cooking Tools Box: These kitchen tools, made of wood and designed in Puerto Rico, are not only practical but also a symbol of the island's rich culinary tradition. So you can make traditional Puerto Rican dishes with the best.r.

#3 Coffee Gold Christmas Edition: Coffee is a pillar of Puerto Rican culture. This ground coffee offers an authentic flavor that transports Puerto Ricans directly to the mountains of the island..

#4 Dulce del Campo Assorted Sachet "Bites" with Flag: This assortment is an excellent way to taste different typical flavors of the island, presented in packaging with the Puerto Rican flag, symbolizing the pride of its roots.​.

#5 La Voli Musical Pylon: The Voli PR is a palette with music, that while it is in your mouth you enjoy a song, it brings a beautiful song called "Queda Puerto Rico Still", you can also record a message with your voice for a loved one, it is made with isomalt, and its packaging is a pen. A unique gift!!

These gifts offer a piece of Puerto Rican culture and traditions, allowing Puerto Ricans abroad to feel closer to home and keep their roots alive. Each of these gifts is not only a high-quality product, but also a reminder of the rich Puerto Rican culture and traditions, making Puerto Ricans in the diaspora feel closer to home during Christmas.

The perfect detail awaits you at Hecho en Puerto Rico Marketplace. Visit our page to discover the wide variety of delicious products and foods made in Puerto Rico: www.hechoen.pr.

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