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Knead, Behind the Seal.

Amasar is an ecological agribusiness that offers tasty and nutritious products based on breadfruit, for those seeking a healthy life.

Our history

Amasar was founded on family values, healthy eating and respect for our planet. The desire to feed families, as well as knowledge about the nutritional benefits of breadfruit, were the key aspects that drove Amasar's journey. This journey is being shaped by our enriched experiences from previous times on high mountain coffee farms and your agricultural education as part of the FFA organization.

The farm, located in the Mameyes neighborhood of Jayuya, has 20 patios, of which 10 are already planted with more than 500 trees. They are dedicated to the fruit of bread, that Puerto Rican gastronomic delight that we only find from time to time, always with a pleasant surprise.