Full Set Seat Covers Tucson 2022 to 2024 Black (2603-4)


Fabric:Polycotton 70/30

original cut

The packaging contains lining for:

1st. One driver's seat and one passenger seat have Velcro for quick opening of the airbags. Two removable headrests. A piece for the center console.

2nd. A 60 backrest with integrated arm rest. One back 40. Three headers. A seat 60. A seat 40.

  • Our covers are identified with a ZEGA label on the driver and passenger seats.
  • They are equipped with Velcro for the prompt opening of the airbags and their construction does not impede the mobility of the seats.
  • These include the name embroidered on the front seats. In case of special orders you can customize it.
  • Correct installation is important for durability and perfect fit.
  • All our products are guaranteed for life in their manufacture*. NOT FOR USE OR WEAR.*Change of elastics, velcro or ripping.